Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, FINALLY released

After not seeing a Kingdom Hearts game for almost an entire year (im not counting the mobile phone game), it's refreshing to see that SquareEnix hasn't forgot about this franchise. I'd be lying if i said i was always a fan. When the first game came out, my best friend tried constantly to get me to try it out. I was unwilling to play anything that made my favorite Final Fantasy characters look like jokes next to disney characters. After quite a while of provoking, i gave in. I told him '5 minutes' was all i would give it. 2 hours later he interrupted my playing and asked how i liked it.

This seems to be the story with many people who now love this series. With the game finally released yesterday, i cant wait to sit down and play through all the characters stories. While im seeing average ratings of 7 through 8.5 for this game, im expecting about a 9 for my personal review, since im a fan of the series. 

Those of you who have already played it some, what do you think of it?
(NO spoilers PLEASE!)



    been waiting forever.

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